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Abu Dhabi 30, UAE 210 x 250mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 17 hrs / 8 coffees / 6 teas



Damascus 12, Syria 210 x 265mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 30 hrs / 4 coffees / 13 teas



Jerusalem 27, Palestine 300 x 300mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 31 hrs / 10 coffees / 15 teas / 2 redbulls

Private Collection


Damascus 5, Syria 165 x 210mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 11 hrs / 7 coffees / 3 teas



Tangier, Morocco 210 x 297mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 18 hrs / 4 coffees / 3 teas



Fez 17, Morocco 297 x 420mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 43 hrs / 5 coffees / 8 teas / 1 redbull



Jerusalem, Palestine 280 x 210mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 19 hrs / 2 coffees / 2 teas



Dubai, UAE 210 x 210mm Graphite on Bristol Board (250gms) 25 hrs / 8 coffees / 9 teas



My work is not fancy nor is my subject matter beautiful. My work is raw – a close examination of the most basic objects surrounding us on day-to-day bases. The more basic they are, the more captivated I am. 

2016 has been the most pivotal year of my life, where I have closed many doors and opened many others. There is such beautiful connotation in the idea of a door, my subject matter. I carefully select every one of those doors considering its anonymity and how mesmerizing the details are. 

My goal is to encourage those who view my work to look beyond the usual, appreciate the details, and discover a different kind of beauty – through my eyes, whilst triggering a unique emotion towards the subject, in a most unexpected way.



1.covered or protected; not vulnerable.
2. not introduced to or acquainted with something.
3. not made public; concealed.

What is it about doors? Are they a way in or a way out? A protection or a barrier? New chance? Opportunity? Security? Danger? Threat? Hope? Relief?

I have been spending hours looking at doors from around the world, staring at the details and capturing them, wondering what is unexposed. Followed by more and more hours of drawing the many different forms and textures intrigued by every dent, crack, and mark while slowly getting acquainted with the doors as my feelings are gradually unexposed reflecting a part of me in each of my drawings… becoming a part of the story.

They say, if only these walls could talk. But I say, if only these doors could talk.


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