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The Postcard Initiative / Introduction




The World Health Organization (WHO) releases regular statistics about blindness and eye diseases at a global scale. According to this data, every year, the number of affected people rises at an alarming rate. In fact, one person in the world goes blind every 5 seconds. Over 90% of the world’s visually impaired live in developing countries and over 1.4 million children below the age of 15 are blind. 

Launched in May 2015, the Postcard Initiative is endorsed by Noor Dubai Foundation and is an ongoing initiative dedicated to restoring the gift of sight.


in numbers


Postcard Initiative to date:

450+ addresses  / 63% female / 37% male / From 150+ cities in over 50 countries

Series 01 & Series 02

42 submissions / 30 artists / 18 professions / 14 nationalities

Series 03

10 submissions / 10 artists / 10 professions / 7 nationalities


The Postcard Initiative helped restore the sight of over 1500 people in developing countries.


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